• Name: GSM GATEWAY(FWT) ET-8264
  • Number: ET-8264
  • Added time: 2012-03-26
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Brand: Etross or OEM Brand

Model no.: ET-8264

Product name: GSM GATEWAY (FWT) ET-8264

Frequencies: GSM 850/1900Mhz,900/1800Mhz Quadband

Etross GSM gateway(FWT) ET-8264 is an analogue GSM fixed wireless terminal, it has 8 ports(channels),every port has 2 GSM modules active simultaneously,

every port has 8 SIMs, So there are totally 8 ports 16 GSM modules 64SIMs in one device.

GSM gateway(FWT) ET-8264 is mainly designed to connect with FXO VoIP gateways to realize VoIP call terminations purpose, It incorporates the latest GSM

technology with ARM processors to realize BTS rotation, SIM rotation, IMEI automatic generation and automatic rotation functions etc. It can effectively lower

the carrier's(telecom operator) IMEI block, SIM block and BTS block, improve communication efficiency, obtain better economic benefit.

 So GSM gateway(FWT) ET-8264 is your wise choice of traffic business.


Hardware Specifications

l Using 32 bit ARM embedded processor.   

l Using Quadband GSM/GPRS module (Quectel M10),quick connection and good

       voice quality

l Can be managed by computer through USB cable

l LED indicators display signal,SIM status,and error status

l 8 channels FXS independently

l Seamless connection for SIM rotation, rotation no need waiting

l 2 modules per channel, 2 modules active simultaneously


Software Specifications


l Hyper terminal console software management function

l Call records,including the number of outgoing calls,call failure and

       cumulative call time

l Billing and balance management

l BTS locking and rotation

l SIM automatic rotation

l IMEI automatic generation & rotation

l Read/Send/Delete SMS


Technical Index & Specifications


l Frequency ranges: Quad band GSM 850/1900/900/1800Mhz.

l Phone interfacesupply 8 RJ-11 Phone Interfaces

l Hanging voltage: 45V

l Picking current:30mA/41mA

l Dialing tone Frequency:450Hz

l Antenna interface:SMA antenna connection

                     Sensitivity < -104DBM

                     Transmitting power≤3W

                     Antenna amplifying >1.5DB

l Adapter interface:Input: AC 100-260V Output: 5V/6A

l USB interface:

l Operation Circumstance: 

    Operation temperature:-10℃ ~ 60℃       Storage temperature:-20℃ ~ 0℃

    Operation humidity:45% —95%               Atmosphere pressure:86 —106Kpa

    Environment noise:〈 60DB                     Transmitting Power: 2W  

    Sensitivity: <-104dbm                                  Antenna Amplifying: >1.5db

    Dialing frequency: 450Hz                            Hanging voltage: 45V

    Picking current: 30mA/41mA

l Color: gray / black (optional)

l Gross Weight : 5.5KG , Net Weight: 

l Measurement:

Product dimension: L455x W280x H45mm

Gift box dimension:L510x W300x H64mm


Packing List


GSM Gateway ET-8264

1 piece

USB cable

1 piece

3m cable antenna

16 pieces

Power adapter cable

1 piece

User's manual

1 piece